Tel Aviv Attractions

Tel Aviv attractions manage to surprise even those who live there, there is always something going on, and never a dull moment! Whether it is the stunning beaches, just meters away from the hotel, excellent restaurants, museums, shopping centers or endless other experiences that await you. If you have spare time between meetings, we have prepared some great options for spending time in the City that NEVER Stops! Do not forget to tell us how it was.
Tel Aviv-Yafo’s coastline stretches along 14 km, and offers 13 beautifully kept beaches, from Herzliya in the north to Bat Yam in the south.
How about culture or visiting a great exhibition? Tel Aviv is home to a wide range of galleries and museums that present rotating and permanent exhibitions by renowned veteran artists, and upcoming, promising artists. Recommended: the Ilana Gur Museum, the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Nahum Gutman Museum, Bialik House, Ben Gurion House and the Beit Ha’Ir Museum.
It’s time for a visit to the market. Tel Aviv offers a variety of vibrant markets, open daily, full of color, aromas and produce, guaranteeing a sassy shopping experience. The abundance of fresh merchandise provides the perfect excuse to stop, drink coffee, savor mouthwatering pastries and purchase beautiful souvenirs to remind you of your vacation. Recommended markets: Tel Aviv Port Market, Carmel Market, Ha’Tikva Market, Bezalel Market, Levinsky Market, the Flea Market, Sarona Market and North Market.For more info on markets, please click here>
The best way to explore and discover Tel Aviv is by foot. If you tour alone or in a group, one thing is certain, you will not be able to remain apathetic to the ‘’First Hebrew City’’. The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality offers experiential tours such as cuisine tasting tours, art and culture tours, night tours and more.For more info on tours, please click here>
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