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Top Vegan Food in Israel: A Culinary Journey from The Savoy

Top Vegan Food in Israel

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Israel has turned into a gastronomic wonderland, with an active vegan community. This country has a wide variety of vegan-friendly dining places influenced by diverse cooking styles. For those who want to go on a journey of exploring Israeli flavors and wonders, The Savoy Hotel is there to provide you with all the necessary facilities for food enthusiasts. Continue reading to get an educational journey right round the top vegan food in Israel.

Top Vegan Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is often considered to be the vegan hub of Israel. Here are some top vegan restaurants to try during your stay:

  • Meshek Barzilay

Specialty: Organic, farm-to-table cuisine.

Highlight: Fresh items using innovation from the freshest and local ingredients.

Ambiance: The perfect destination for a quiet, relaxed meal in cozy ethnic settings.

  • Anastasia

Specialty: A range of breakfast, smoothies and desserts for vegan.

Highlight: Known for imaginative plant use.

Ambiance: Casual and modern for the eat on casual or on the go type.

  • 416

Specialty: Vegan adaptations of the most popular meat meals.

Highlight: Presents a fully vegan menu with a twist on traditional flavors.

Ambiance: Hip, urban and vibrant.

  • Goodness

Cuisine: Simple, wholesome vegan fare.

Specialty: Salads, bowls and vegan pastries of all sorts.

Atmosphere: Unassuming and amiable, great for a healthy short lunch.

  • Rainbow Burgers

Cuisine: Vegan burgers and fast food.

Specialty: Colorful burgers with unique flavor combinations.

Atmosphere: Informal and casual, ideal for snack or take-away.

  • Dosa Bar

Cuisine: South Indian-inspired vegan dishes.

Specialty: Original dosas and many different snacks and dishes of Indian cuisine.

Atmosphere: The dishes are simple and authentic, transporting one straight to the streets of India while being in Tel Aviv.

Vegan Street Food and Markets

Tel Aviv’s vegan street food and markets will save you time if what you’re after is some fast eats on the go. Here are some recommendations:

Carmel Market, Tel Aviv

  • Shuk Ha Caramel as it is commonly known locally, this busy market has everything from fresh produce to spices and stalls for vegans.
  • Provides different kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds as well as a number of Middle Eastern spices.
  • Features a range of food stalls and restaurants that serve falafel, hummus, vegan sweetness etc.

Levinsky Market, Tel Aviv

  • Known for its vegan specialty foods and ingredients.
  • It is the best place to find exotic spices, dried fruits, nuts, legumes and healthy foods.
  • The market is also referred to because of the availability of diverse brands in teas as well as vegan-friendly snacks.

Jaffa Flea Market, Tel Aviv

  • While primarily known for antiques and vintage items, the surrounding area has a growing number of vegan-friendly cafes and food stalls.
  • It’s a trendy place with lots of creative vegan street food and craft plant-based products.

Tips for Enjoying Top Vegan Food in Israel

To make the most of your vegan food experience in Israel, here are some tips:

  • Exploring Local Cuisines: Numerous traditional dishes that are eaten in Israel are vegan by nature. Make sure not to miss out on classics such as the falafel, hummus and tabbouleh.
  • Ask for Vegan Options: Many places are ready for diets even if a restaurant does not promote or advertise itself as being vegan. Don’t be shy to ask.
  • Check Out Vegan Festivals: Vegetable foods also feature prominently during vegan festivals usually held in Israel. Such gatherings are an excellent opportunity to check the vegan culinary scene.
  • Understand Kosher Rules: In Israel, the majority of food which is eaten by vegans also happens to be kosher since meat and dairy products cannot be combined. Find out more about these principles to help you choose your food options better.
  • Use a Translation App: As much as English menus are available in most places in Israel, you may need a translation app to understand the list of ingredients or even communicate your dietary requirements.
  • Stay Hydrated: Israel has a hot and dry climate, especially during summer. – Water bottle always
  • Carry Snacks: Ideal for such moments, are vegan snacks like nuts, seeds or fresh fruits which can always be found and ready to eat.


The culinary scene in Israel is just as exciting and diverse as the terrain, with countless plant-based delicacies that satisfy both vegans themselves or those who simply wish to add a few more vegan dishes into their diet. If you’re looking for some of the most delicious vegan food out there, then Israel is where it’s at. The Savoy Hotel is located in the heart of this pulsating food scene to give you a warm and comfortable place to start your culinary journey. So, pack your suitcase and get ready to step right into the world of tastes with top vegan food in Israel!

Frequently Asked Questions

How accessible is vegan food for travelers in Israel, especially in smaller towns or rural areas?

Vegan food is generally accessible for travelers in Israel, even in smaller towns and rural areas.. Though bigger cities such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem provide many variants of veganism, you can also get dishes that suit the style in smaller towns. Common Israeli dishes have high in plant-based options such as falafel, hummus and a number of salads like those previously mentioned.

What are some of the plant-based ingredients that are commonly used in Israeli vegan cuisine?

The common plant-based ingredients utilized in Israeli cuisine are chickpea, which is used to prepare falafel and hummus; grain varieties such as wheat and barley; tahini also known as sesame paste ,eggplant, lentils, various grains, and a wide array of fresh vegetables and herbs.

What are some popular vegan dishes or foods unique to Israeli cuisine?

Some of the most well-known vegan foods that are specific to Israeli cuisine include falafel (deep fried patty made from chickpeas or fava beans), hummus which is a clean spread comprised with chickpea base, sabich(a special sandwich containing items like fried eggplant and other several toppings) as well as shakshuka (a tomato and bell pepper stew with poached eggs, but a vegan version replaces eggs with tofu or other substitutes).

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