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Discover the Charm: A Guide to the Bustling Markets in Tel Aviv

Markets in Tel Aviv

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If you plan to visit Tel Aviv, make sure that the market tour is included. There is something for everyone, from the tastes and flavors of Levinsky Market to the hustle-bustle of Carmel Market or gourmet offerings at Sarona market. This blog post gives you the lowdown on what each market in Tel Aviv has to offer and why The Savoy Hotel is your perfect stay for a fantastic market-centered adventure.

The Historical Carmel Market (Shuk Ha’Carmel)

The Carmel Market, which is situated right at the center of the city was first opened in 1920 after over a decade and half had elapsed since it became a city. Here you can find fresh fruits, vegetables, meat as well as spices – everything that the heart desires. There is also a wide variety of delicious street food items ranging from fresh juices and falafel to hummus and shawarma. The central location of The Savoy Hotel, which allows easy exploration to the Carmel Market. You may unload your luggage and go directly to the market square for your food adventure.

Levinsky Market: A Feast for the Senses

The culinary pick the market offers is hard to beat in Tel Aviv – dried fruits, nuts of all sizes and colors as well spices galore laid out for one’s most recent cooking creation. The ambience is simply captivating, with toasting nuts and rare spices filling the air. As you meander through the cramped alleyways and beyond the beiges, you can try some of these delights as lessons are given in how to make such Turkish treats like baklava, lokum – known in English as Turkish delight -and halva right before your eyes. Do not overlook, however, the fruit and vegetable stands; quite a visual treat with their vibrant colors. Visitors can also travel around Levinsky Market and get acquainted with all its culinary delights while staying at The Savoy Hotel.

Markets in Tel Aviv

Sarona Market: Modern and Gourmet Options

Sarona Market is the modern and fashionable place where one would indulge in an array of gourmet treats, handcrafted goods, trendy streets-food-serving stalls. The ones who come here may indulge in the range of international tastes, choose fine craft beers and fancy desserts under the design market.

For food enthusiasts, Sarona Market has over 90 vendors and stalls offering a variety of eateries. From Israeli food to traditional fare and Korean BBQ, the gustatory options are endless. All this can be found by staying at The Savoy Hotel, which makes visitors a part of the city itself and saves significant time to get to know modern sophistication Sarona Market.

Useful Tips and Information for Markets in Tel Aviv

Before you venture out on your expedition to the market in Tel Aviv there are a few practical bits of information that you need to take note of. These will help make sure that you have a smooth and delightful trip while passing through the vibrant stalls, tasting the flavourful foods, immersing yourself in rich local cultures. Here are some suggestions to guide your market visits:

  • Plan your visit early in the day: Markets open in Tel Aviv fairly early and it can be quite crowded. If you want to get the freshest products and avoid crowded stands, be sure to come there in the morning.
  • Dress comfortably: You will walk a lot, so wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers because temperatures may vary.
  • Stay hydrated: Tel Aviv can be very hot particularly over the summer. Do not forget to drink plenty of water while visiting markets so that you remain hydrated all the time.
  • Try the local food: Do not fear trying local foods sold in the food kiosks. The market experience would be incomplete without street food.
  • Keep cash handy: Most vendors do take cards, though a few of the smaller stalls may be cash-only.
  • Bargaining is acceptable: There is no reason to be shy when bargaining in these markets especially at the Carmel Market. It is part of the buying process and many vendors welcome it.
  • Be aware of your belongings: As with any busy place, be sure to keep an eye on your things in order to avoid pickpockets.
  • Consider a guided tour: If you are interested in learning more about the background of markets and obtaining information regarding food sold there, join a tour led by an experienced guide.
  • Stay at The Savoy Hotel: Accessibility to all these markets is made easier by The Savoy Hotel’s central location.


If you are a food lover or if exploring buzzing marketplaces thrills you, then don’t worry Tel Aviv markets have everything to offer. The Savoy Hotel is convenient and comfortable which provides visitors with a perfect base from which to explore the liveliest markets in the city. The markets in Tel Aviv are an experience by themselves, with the historical charm of Carmel Market to the modern refinement of Sarona and their peculiar flavors in Levinsky market. Experience the vibrant markets of Tel Aviv when you stay at The Savoy Hotel Book now and start planning your getaway today

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the markets in Tel Aviv operate daily or are there specific market days?

Many markets in Tel Aviv run on a daily basis, thus being an unchanging attraction to both residents and visitors with the opportunity of purchasing various goods. All the same, the working hours and how active markets are during certain times may differ greatly where there could be markets that would be more popular on specific days in a particular week.

Are prices at the Tel Aviv markets cheaper or are they fully comparable with those of regular retail stores?

One of the advantages that Tel Aviv markets have over regular retail stores is more competitive prices. However, shoppers should be in a position to determine the quality of products and also compare prices in different stalls for they hardly get value worth their earnings.

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