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Tel Aviv Accommodation

Tel Aviv Accommodation

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Tel Aviv is a thriving city known for its extensive history, gorgeous beaches, exciting nightlife, and mouthwatering cuisine. Making the most of your vacation in Tel Aviv requires selecting the ideal hotel or accommodation among the abundance of things to see and do. Tel Aviv has a lot to offer, whether you’re a pampered traveler, a thrifty backpacker or somewhere in between. Finding the ideal accommodation in Tel Aviv has never been simpler thanks to the city’s extensive selection of hotels, rental homes and bed & breakfasts. 

Pack your luggage and get ready to explore the city like a local.


Is accommodation in Tel Aviv expensive?

In general, finding a place to stay in Tel Aviv is regarded as being expensive or even very expensive. People frequently claim that there are only pricey or inexpensive options for hotels and hostels in Tel Aviv (such as a bed in a hostel or a rather basic hostel room), with little in between.


What area should you find a place to stay in in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is a compact city with good walking access. While each area has its own ambiance that may influence your decision, most won’t require you to walk for hours to reach your desired destinations. If you’re one of those people who likes to walk while on vacation, you’ll discover that the majority of the town’s locations are only 30 minutes or less away from your desired destination. Some places are further away, particularly AirBnB apartments which can be located anywhere.

Keep in mind that there are minimal public transportation options on the Sabbath (Friday afternoon – Saturday evening). If you don’t want to walk or ride a bicycle, your only options are to take a taxi or rely on the city’s helpful but very constrained free bus service (they can’t charge on Saturdays by law).

Thinking about what you want to do in Tel Aviv is a good place to start when deciding where to stay. Check on Google Maps for a walking path to the location where you anticipate spending the majority of your time.


  • Are you planning to spend your days at the beach? 
  • How far are you willing to walk to get there from your hotel?  
  • Do you need a hotel near the beach in Tel Aviv?  
  • Do you intend to frequent the vibrant south of the city’s bars and clubs?
  • Do you believe you’ll favor the Old North’s more affluent atmosphere?
  • Would you like to walk around the White City? 
  • Or all of the aforementioned? 


All of these variables may affect your decision, although as we mentioned earlier, the majority of tourist-friendly locations are grouped together or just a short taxi or bus ride away.


Tel Aviv is lucky to have a beautiful 5km long beach, stretching from the modern Tel Aviv Port in the North of the city, to the Biblical Jaffa Port in the South. The beach is lined with skyscraper hotels. In the last few years there has been somewhat of a revolution and more and more boutique hotels have popped up along the seashore. The Savoy is one of the most notable boutique hotels on Tel Aviv beach, having become a recommended hotspot to stay at for tourists from all over the globe. 


Get a taste of affluence and live life to its fullest in the lap of luxury with the modern sea-view or city-view rooms at the boutique Savoy hotel. Check out our tips for the perfect Tel Aviv vacation and soak up the fun and sand on Tel Aviv Beach. After a sunny day on Frishman, Hilton or Bograshov beaches, be sure to visit a Tel Aviv restaurant to sample some local cuisine. The Mediterranean diet has long been recognized as one of the most heart-healthy and tasty cuisines in the world, with plenty of variety on offer in Tel Aviv. 


If you’re not sure where to dine, some of our recommendations include Manta Ray, The Old Man and the Sea, La Shuk, Derby Bar Dagim, Gordo or Benny Hadayag. 


You are more than welcome to book your hotel in Tel Aviv with us at Savoy!

It’s simple, to sum up the ideal holiday in Tel Aviv’s promenade and by the sea in two words: “The Savoy.” A traditional Tel Aviv hotel puts you in the ideal setting at the ideal moment. This graceful hotel, regarded as one of Tel Aviv’s landmarks, is situated on the quiet Ge’ula Street, just a few meters from Tel Aviv’s well-kept promenade and beaches. It is the ideal choice for a romantic getaway vacation for two, offering stylish rooms tailored specifically for couples in a quiet, romantic setting.

Your stay will be enhanced by the Savoy’s premier location and stylish boutique European ambiance. You can easily access all the excitement from the hotel’s rooms and suites, which overlook the lively promenade and gorgeous beaches. Surfers, amusement parks, theaters, museums, eateries, cafes, Old Jaffa, Neve Tzedek, and the bustling Carmel Market are all a short trip from the hotel. 


The Savoy hotel in Tel Aviv offers:

  • A hotel restaurant
  • Concierge Services
  • A luxury lobby
  • A rooftop area where you can sit, relax, and watch the sunset with a bottle of wine.
  • And the most important of them all, free wi-fi access.



Savoy Sea Side Questions and Answers

Will it be possible to leave our luggage at the lobby if we arrive early/leave late?

Yes, our friendly hotel staff will gladly look after your luggage until you are ready to check in or check out.

Can Savoy organize a ride to the airport for guests?

Our staff can glady order or pre-order you a taxi for a ride to the airport.

Which is the nearest Train Station to the Savoy hotel?

You can arrive at either Tel Aviv University train station or Hashalom train station from Ben Gurion Airport train station. From there you can catch a cab to the hotel or take a bus from the train station.

Does the Savoy Hotel offer parking for visitors’ rental cars?

Yes, but an additional fee is required. Please contact our friendly hotel lobby staff and we will arrange this for you.

Is there a restaurant at the Savoy Hotel?

Yes, the hotel restaurant serves a variety of vegetables, fruits, cheeses, fish, omelets, cakes and pastries, freshly squeezed juices and hot and cold drinks.


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