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Recommended Breakfasts in Tel Aviv: Starting Your Day Right from The Savoy

Recommended Breakfasts in Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv is a hotspot for culture and also has an exciting, diverse culinary scene. el Avivians take their breakfast seriously with many restaurants offering extensive breakfast menus to start the day off right. Breakfast in Tel Aviv is not just about grabbing a quick coffee and croissant; it’s an experience. To fully enjoy your breakfast adventure the best place to stay will be The Savoy hotel that is situated 2-minute close from a beautiful beach and promenade. Ideal base for recommended breakfasts in Tel Aviv for its location and intimate atmosphere.

The Traditional Israeli Breakfast

A typical Israeli breakfast, a delectable feast for the senses has fresh salad bars and cheese boards of various kinds along with eggs. Shakshuka, a substantial dish that features eggs poached on a rich tomato and bell pepper sauce spiced up with further spices is often the star of this breakfast. In addition, you often get a variety of soft cheeses that break away in chunks such as feta with creamy hummus which is smooth and a cucumbers and tomatoes salad on the side.In addition to these, there is the range of pickled olives on display while smoked fish has its section and again there are freshly baked breads such as challah or pita.

There’s no better place to try this breakfast than at Benedict which is situated only five minutes’ walk from The Savoy. Benedict is also well-known for its Israeli salad and fresh bread with assortments of spreads, hence a perfect breakfast place to have an authentic taste of the traditional food in Israel.

Café Culture in Tel Aviv

When thinking of places in Tel Aviv where it is recommended to have breakfast, the first option for both local people and foreigners are cafes. There is nothing like the cafe scene in Tel Aviv. It has an appeal unique to it, you sit on little wooden chairs and drink strong coffee. The city is home to many trendy cafes, and The Savoy is near some of the best spots:

  • Café Xoho: Another quirky café with an interesting and original breakfast mentioned by the reviewers. The locals, as well as tourists, also love their famous bagel sandwiches, vegan cookies and what they call the Bruno’s coffee blends.
  • Café Ouzeria: Café Ouzeria is an ideal place for a slow breakfast with its location right on the beach. Its menu lists Mediterranean-influenced meals, with multiple choices for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Bucke Café: Buke Café is a well-known place with nice fresh pastries made there and artisanal coffee; people come en masse for its comfortable ambiance and convenient relaxed breakfast. You cannot miss trying their Shakshuka as well as freshly squeezed juices.
  • Loveat: Loveat is an organic cafe that has multiple establishments all around Tel Aviv and it provides great choices for breakfast. It is great to try their organic coffee and fresh baked goods.
  • Nahat Café: Situated on the lively Dizengoff Street, Nahat Café serves a large variety of breakfasts from traditional Israeli cuisine to inventive gastronomic combinations. They also offer specialty coffee, which is worth a try.

Recommended Breakfasts in Tel Aviv: Savoy Hotel Restaurant

The Savoy Hotel Restaurant differentiates itself in that, if you are seeking to have a breakfast experience coupled with food that appeals to your appetite while enjoying the beauty of nature’s serenity. The Israeli breakfast is generally recognized as one of the tastiest in the world and this especially true at Savoy Hotel in Tel Aviv. Begin your day with a luxurious breakfast personally served at our hotel restaurant. Imagine sitting on a perfectly maintained deck right next to the entrance sipping morning coffee with serene views of the Mediterranean Sea.

A culinary celebration awaits at our breakfast spread – think an array of fresh veggies and fruits, a delightful assortment of cheeses for the connoisseur in you; this is apart from some luscious fish, as well as made to order omelets. And for those with a sweet tooth, our cakes and pastries are in abundance all of which can be enjoyed with fresh juices as well as hot or cold drinks. It’s a great way to fill up for the day ahead!


From the sumptuous traditional Israeli breakfast plates that are reputed for being global favorites because of their richness and diversity; to hip cafes set in various parts of town, which make irresistible pastries while equally giving a delightful atmosphere – Tel Aviv has it all. One of the breakfast packages recommended by The Savoy is an excellent way to begin your day in 

Tel Aviv with more than just a meal; it’s a chance to get acquainted with the vibrant culinary culture that exists in this city. 

Whether you have a taste for the indulgent breakfast spread or prefer something light and healthy, these recommendations are here to elevate your discovery of Tel Aviv’s varied assortment of fabulous morning meals. Book your stay now and experience it all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any places with vegan or vegetarian breakfast in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is famous for its vegan as well vegetarian-friendly breakfast. Apart from this almost every café and restaurant sells plant-based alternatives to regular Israeli breakfast dishes like vegan shakshuka, vegan pastries or numerous plates with fresh vegetables. Tel Aviv breakfast is also perfect for travelers with dietary preferences like vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free because there are numerous tasty dishes to enjoy.

What time do most cafes and restaurants in Tel Aviv serve breakfast, and is it common to have a late breakfast?

In Tel Aviv, most cafes and restaurants serve breakfast from early morning to the 11 AM limit. Although it is common to have traditional Israeli breakfast in the morning hours suitable for a typical breakfast; however, being in Tel Aviv where nightlife happens almost all week long, there are some restaurants that would offer late Breakfast mainly for those who love mornings but do not want any haste. However, it's a good idea to check the specific hours of the place you plan to visit, as opening hours can vary.

Are there any local breakfast specialties that are a must-try by tourists while in Tel Aviv?

Sure, there are some local breakfast specials to try when you are in Tel Aviv. They are in a perfect place to serve breakfast with the traditional Israeli menu which is mouth-watering. Moreover, tasting a variety of fresh local pastries that have become the visitor’s favorite place to visit upon arrival to taste bourekas and rugelach in Tel Aviv is surely delightful.

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