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What to Do in Tel Aviv on Saturday with The Savoy as Your Base

What to Do in Tel Aviv on Saturday

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A weekend in Tel Aviv is a festival of life, culture and relaxation. On Saturdays, the city comes alive with a dizzying array of activities and attractions, catering to all tastes and interests. And there is no better place to start your Saturday adventure than The Savoy Hotel. Our hotel is located in the center of Tel Aviv just a stone’s throw from the beach, in close proximity with various areas filled with unique surroundings and lots of museums, galleries and cafes where you can enjoy eating at. Whereas in this guide, we have formulated some of the recommendations with essential tips on what to do in Tel Aviv on Saturday.

The Peaceful Beach Morning

Start your Saturday morning off with a calm and rejuvenating experience at one of the most famous beaches in Tel Aviv. You can opt for the vibrant and popular Hilton Beach or secluded and peaceful Alma Beach—whatever vibe fits you best. But we would recommend one of the closest ones to The Savoy Hotel – Jerusalem Beach, or ten minutes walking distance from this establishment. It’s a beautiful beach, less crowded with amazing views of Jaffa and the Mediterranean Sea. You can participate in beach yoga, lounge on the deck chair or jump into the cool water.

Art and Museums

Tel Aviv boasts of vibrant art scenes that have captured international recognition making it a home for creativity and innovation. The map shows that on Saturdays many of these cultural centers are still open so visitors get the chance to see other aspects associated with the town’s culture. One of the places we recommend visiting is the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which is one of the most visited sites located in the very heart of this city. The museum has a diverse collection of Israeli and international art which includes works by world-famous artists such as Renoir, Monet, and Van Gogh. Some of these include smaller galleries like the Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art which are located within the trendy Neve Tzedek neighborhood.

What to Do in Tel Aviv on Saturday

Brunch and Cafe Culture

The brunch and cafe culture of Tel Aviv is legendary as there are literally trendy spots, classic cafes, and local gems in every corner of the city. A few blocks away from the Savoy Hotel, is Benedict; this restaurant serves a shepherd’s breakfast which is quite fulfilling and luxurious. Their menu consists of traditional American breakfast items, Israeli-based delights for breakfast as well—and some indulgent twists like Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict. For a less formal, authentic experience, one of the many local cafes in the Nachalat Binyamin area. Order a typical Israeli breakfast- shakshuka or sabich(a pita filled with fried eggplants, boiled eggs and hummus) along with a strong cup of coffee.

Nightlife and Bars

Tel Aviv’s Saturday nights are all about sensory overload, with bars pouring out into the streets and DJ performances on dance floors throughout the city. If you are looking for some night time fun, we recommend Kuli Alma. It’s a vibrant dance floor and popular for attracting an assorted clientele. If you are looking for something more intimate and refined, go to the Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar which can be found in Shuk HaCarmel market. They provide traditional and creative recipes of cocktails which are ideal for a date night or after-party drinks.

Practical Tips: Navigating Saturday in Tel Aviv

  • Public Transportation Limited: Do remember that there is a very limited availability of public transportation during the time period called Sabbath which starts from Friday evening and continues till Saturday evening. This idea will allow people to plan ahead using cabs, walking or even bicycle rentals.
  • Biking is Convenient: Tel Aviv is famous for its great biking trails. If you would like to move around the city in a fun and flexible way, consider renting a bike.
  • Check Opening Hours: There may be very few businesses, particularly in the highly religious areas that will be open. Make sure you confirm the opening hours of the locations where you intend to go.
  • Experience the Quiet Streets: In some parts of the city, walk along the less crowded streets just to have an enjoyable leisurely moment that can be possible in early mornings.
  • Shuk (Market) Visits: On Saturdays, some of these markets may close earlier or are more crowded so it’s best to visit early if you can.
  • Plan Your Meals: Plan and research where to eat since some restaurants and cafes are closed. But in certain areas like Jaffa and Neve Tzedek, one generally has more options.
  • Enjoy the Beach: The beaches are a great option as they remain operable and lure both locals and tourists.
  • Cultural Venues: On Saturdays, some museums and other cultural institutions may offer special programs or tours; therefore it is better to get information about their schedules ahead of time.
  • Be Prepared for Crowds: Being a day-off for most local people, popular spots like the beach, cafes and some tourist attractions might be crowded.
  • Embrace the Local Vibe: Take your chance to soak up the local culture and see how particular Tel Aviv is on a Saturday.


A Saturday in Tel Aviv is full of celebrations, culture and fun. The Savoy Hotel is perfect for you. This ranges from the tranquility of beach mornings to an indulgent brunch culture, vibrant nightlife and visits to cultural museums. Our guide is designed to ensure that your Saturday in the city becomes a success with advice from those who walked this path before based on true experience and inspiration. So come and stay with us at The Savoy Hotel where we will teach you how to live an authentic Tel Aviv experience that you will never forget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the public transportation system in Tel Aviv operate on Saturdays?

Public Transportations in Tel Aviv work limitedly on Saturday because of the Jewish Sabbath, which is a day where many public services cease to operate from Friday evening until Saturday evening. There are some options for private transport still available to people, such as taxis but buses and trains usually do not offer their service at this time. However, in recent years, there have been initiatives to introduce limited public transportation services on Saturdays in certain areas.

Are there any cultural or religious considerations that visitors should be aware of when finding what to do in Tel Aviv on Saturday?

Yes, visitors should be aware that Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath, a day of rest, and as a result, many businesses, public transportation, and services might be closed or operate on a reduced schedule. Tel Aviv is the most secular compared to other cities in Israel, so while many restaurants, cafes and places of entertainment were closed all around the country. Visitors should plan well and honor local customs on this day.

Which are some recommended neighborhoods or areas to roam on a Saturday in Tel Aviv?

It is highly suggested to roam around Tel Aviv on Saturday where the colorful districts of Neve Tzedek and Jaffa are located.

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