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3 Days in Tel Aviv – Exploring the Best of the City while Staying at The Savoy

3 days in TLV

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Tel Aviv, the ever vibrant source of culture, history but above all buzzing pulse and boundless energy. It is a place of every corner that speaks, from the historic landmarks to the lively streets. And guess what? You can really immerse yourself in just 3 days in Tel Aviv. Visit its beautiful districts, explore popular places and enjoy the local atmosphere. The Savoy, the perfect chill-out spot after a day of exploring. In the very heart of the city, this hotel offers you much more than a pleasant way to spend nights – it is an integral part of your Tel Aviv adventure that will make your trip as unforgettable as the city itself.

Day 1: Exploring the Heart of Tel Aviv

  • Morning: Begin your day by meandering through the Carmel Market, referred to locally as Shuk HaCarmel; this bustling market is one of huge marketplaces in the city. Here, you can have the best selections of fresh produce, breads and pastries, spices among others.
  • Afternoon: After that, you will be taken to the historical Neve Tzedek district which was constructed as the first Jewish neighborhood outside of Jaffa’s old city. Stroll the pretty streets, featuring quaint boutiques, art galleries and cafes. Your afternoon at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art will be filled with masterpieces by international and Israeli artists. The Museum’s architecture is another wonder to watch out for.
  • Evening: As the day will be slowly ending, head for Rabin Square; it is tel aviv city’s life heart. This square was so named in the memory of Yitzhak Rabin, i.eAn Israeli Prime Minister who was assassinated here in 1995, the square is a hub of social and political activity. Wrap up your day by taking a tour on the busy nightlife strip near Rothschild boulevard. From here you can enjoy a good cocktail from the city’s best bars, and also have dinner at any of the many internationally-orientated restaurants.

Day 2: The Charms of Old Jaffa and Neve Tzedek

  • Morning: Start your day at Old Jaffa exploring antiquity. Begin your visit from the Jaffa Port, which is one of the most ancient harbors known. Stroll along labyrinthine narrow lanes and take your time wandering about, admiring the age-old buildings that speak of bygone centuries. Visit the Shuk Hapishpeshim, known popularly as Jaffa Flea Market to see a variety of vintage side streets selling second-hand items, antiques and other genuine souvenirs.
  • Afternoon: Following a real lunch in one of Jaffa’s traditional places to eat, turn back along Neve Tzedek. Tour the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater, which is a landmark location in Israeli performing arts. For those interested in literature there’s a nice museum dedicated to famous Yiddish writer Sholem Aleichem. It is called ‘Shalom Aleichem House Museum’.
  • Evening: When the dusk comes, walk along the Tayelet – a promenade near the seafront that offers amazing views over the Mediterranean Sea. Have dinner at one of the trendy seafood restaurants in the vicinity. Finish off your night at the Neve Tzedek Tower, admiring how city lights twinkle against the backdrop of a dusk sky.

Day 3: Modern Tel Aviv and Relaxation

  • Morning: Begin your day at Eretz Israel Museum, a place that gives you an intriguing reflection into its history and culture. Then you can take a walk in Park Hayarkon, which is a large green park within the city perfect for picnics and easy boating.
  • Afternoon: Sarona – get an afternoon spend in Sarona, the once guessed out Ghetto’s Templar colony that has since been restored into a modern and beautiful shopping and dining hub. At this place, you can take souvenirs, taste high-quality food or even sit in one of the numerous cafes there. Would roam to the Sarona Market, a paradise for foodies filled with international and local delicacies.
  • Evening: Relax on the Readers Place at Namal Tel Aviv, which is otherwise known as the Tel Aviv Port area. Shops, bars and restaurants line this lively area along the waterfront. Take a relaxing walk along the boardwalk in the evening sun as it sets over the Mediterranean capturing unparalleled views of breathtaking sunsets. Finally, end your day with a calming dinner in one of the beachfront restaurants while relishing on fresh seafood sourced locally.

Accommodation At The Savoy

The Savoy has become a number one choice for those who come to Tel Aviv because it captures the idea of efficiency and comfort. The hotel’s location is not too far from attractions like vibrant markets, intriguing art galleries, or enlightening museums that majority are within easy walking distance for its guests to effortlessly explore the city. Simply put, you can have the best of Tel Aviv in 3 days without going far from your hotel.

The rooms in The Savoy are carefully made to ensure tranquility after the day is full of activities. Whether you have ventured out to see the sights, been shopping or submerged yourself in local culture as an interesting day spent downtown-our rooms provide a comfortable and enjoyable environment for a restful night’s sleep after all your adventures of excitement or even just letting one of the nights quietly escape within its comforting surroundings.


In just a short span of 3 days in Tel Aviv, the city unfolds a rich tapestry of experiences before you. It’s a journey through time as you explore the city’s historic depths and a culinary adventure with its array of delicious flavors. As you wander through its charming neighborhoods, you’re also invited to relax on the beautiful beaches that line the city. 


The Savoy is right in the middle of these different attractions. It is not just a hotel to sleep in; it’s a haven of luxury. The Savoy adds that touch of opulence to your Tel Aviv escapades with its decadent leisure facilities. Whether your days are filled with exploration or relaxation, The Savoy is there to elevate your entire experience in this vibrant city. So pack your bags and get ready to immerse yourself in all that Tel Aviv has to offer with The Savoy as your home base.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular day trip destinations from Tel Aviv?

Also Jaffa, Jerusalem city with its historical sites and many more such as the Caesarea beaches which offer an unique atmosphere or Dead Sea that hosts a different landscape can be easily accessible from Tel Aviv.

What is the best way to enjoy your time at the beachfront in Tel Aviv?

The best way for visitors to experience the beachfront in Tel Aviv is by walking leisurely along Tayelet known as one of the city's most famous boulevards or even just relaxing on the sandy beaches where water activities such as swimming and surfing.

Which cultural and historical sights should not be missed when in Tel Aviv for a short term?

While in Tel Aviv on a short trip, some of the cultural and historical sites one should not miss are The Carmel Market, which is always loud and vibrant next to Neve Tzedek district that has historic structures still remaining standing today then finally The Tel Aviv Museum of Art it treasures major diversity collection from both current contemporary works alongside classic artworks.

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