The Savoy Hotel

Perfect Seaside Location

Are you addicted to the sea? So are we! The Savoy Tel Aviv is located a short 2-minute stroll from the beach and promenade. Open a window, venture out on the balcony, and wash your eyes and soul with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, beautiful beaches that decorate the coastline and enjoy the pleasant sea breeze.

An Inviting Wooden Deck for Meals In Front Of the Sea

If there is one hotel that offers the perfect combination of European chic in a Tel Aviv ambience, it is Savoy Hotel. The well-kept wooden deck, next to the lobby, becomes an amazing terrace with stunning views of the promenade and the sea. The deck is open all day long and is the perfect choice for enjoying personally served breakfasts, Happy Hour or a well-deserved afternoon coffee.

The Pinnacle of Style and Tranquility

The Savoy Hotel has been designed to the height of style while paying attention to smallest of details, just the way we like it. The rooms and suite are furnished with stylish and elegant furniture, the intimate lobby offers a coffee machine with all your favorite coffee blends and a variety of complimentary, light refreshments throughout the day, including cookies, pastries, and fruit. Visit the redesigned rooftop, relax in one of the swing chairs or grab a bar stool to sit and enjoy the amazing views of the sea, admire the stunning sunsets, and even catch a fantastic tan. All the major worthwhile activities are within walking or cycling distance. Looking for ideas? Talk to us, we are in the know of all the new, not to be missed, places to visit.