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Discover the Ultimate Tel Aviv Boutique Hotel with a Sea View

Tel Aviv Hotel Panoramic Suite Sea View

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Combining chic urban luxury with a stunning oceanside location, the Savoy Hotel is the premier boutique hotel in Tel Aviv with a sea view. Enjoy spectacular Mediterranean vistas from elegantly appointed rooms, with world-class dining and a luxury terrace and rooftop, creating a tranquil haven in this vibrant, cosmopolitan location. The Savoy Sea Side is perfect for beachgoers and only a few minutes walk from the city’s main attractions, including Tel Aviv’s renowned night life. Offering the ultimate blend of style, and personalized service, the Savoy Sea Side has luxury and elegance at every turn and a breathtaking view from every window.

Tel Aviv is Israel’s second city and attracts holidaymakers and business travelers from across the world. Holidays in Tel Aviv present style, luxury, culture and history to rival any Western European destination alongside a stunning location next to the Mediterranean. Personalize your vacation at one of the many boutique hotels in Tel Aviv, with venues across the city and beachside offering individuality, style and charm and complemented by warm, personal service.

This compact city means you are never far from the sea or Tel Aviv’s main attractions, with an array of options to suit all visitors. Sea view hotels offer spectacular oceanside settings, luxury amenities and fine dining and are just a short stroll from the beating heart of this exciting and diverse city.

Discover boutique sea view hotels in Tel Aviv and how to pick the best boutique sea view hotel for your stay.


Discover why the Savoy Sea Side is the Ultimate Boutique Sea View Hotel

Acclaimed as the premier boutique sea view hotel in Tel Aviv, the Savoy hotel is much more than just a sea view hotel. There’s no need to choose between luxury urban chic and a glorious oceanside location when you can combine both in the same hotel in Tel Aviv.

Enjoy a romantic getaway in a sea view studio room with luxury facilities and two adjacent standing balconies.

Spacious deluxe rooms with luxury facilities, including a hot tub, are located on the hotel’s top floor, marrying sea breezes with stunning ocean views. Enjoy meals and chillout time on the balcony whilst the sea restores your soul.

For the ultimate luxury accommodation, treat yourself to a lavish Sea View Suite, unstinting in both size and décor and facilities. Panoramic views of the Mediterranean complement the elegant style and ambience with a generous balcony and sumptuous features.


Why a Tel Aviv Boutique Hotel is the Perfect Choice for Your Vacation

Of all the boutique sea view hotels in Tel Aviv, the Savoy has perfected the art of an oceanside holiday location combined with all the style and interest this exciting city offers. Here’s why a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, particularly the Savoy, is the ultimate choice for your stay.

  •   Enjoy spectacular sea views from your room, the terrace and the rooftop, even if you don’t want to spend any time on the beach
  •   Sunseekers, delight in long days on miles of golden sand, relax with a book, take a dip in the warm azure Mediterranean waters or enjoy some sea side sports and activities
  •   Savor world-class dining with international cuisine, Kosher and local Israeli menus
  •   Luxuriate in elegantly styled interiors appointed with all the facilities and amenities you could want
  •   Enjoy chillout time on the rooftop terrace with panoramic ocean views
  •   Take a wander around the city – all of Tel Aviv’s main attractions are just a short walk from the hotel
  •   Business travelers can stay connected with free Wi-Fi all around the hotel and a stylish lobby area to work in
  •   Enjoy warm, personal service that is always attentive and never intrusive
  •   Savor Tel Aviv’s legendary night life and party scene, all within easy reach of the Savoy Sea Side

Of all the boutique hotels Tel Aviv offers, the Savoy Sea side is the ultimate sea view hotel with a stunning location, luxury accommodation with spectacular views and a warm, intimate ambience. Choose the finest hotel in Tel Aviv by the beach. Call today to reserve yourself a slice of paradise.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the main areas for clubs and bars in Tel Aviv?

The Savoy Sea Side is one of the best hotels in Tel Aviv for the city’s legendary party scene, with excellent access to Levontin and Rothschild. The southern end of Rothschild Boulevard is the focus for partygoers and the center of Tel Aviv’s nightlife.

Does Tel Aviv have the same level of historical interest as Jerusalem?

Tel Aviv is a modern city built around the old port of Jaffa. Founded in 1909 as a suburb of Jaffa, it grew and grew and eventually merged with Jaffa to form the modern city it is today. Reputedly the oldest port in the world, Jaffa offers a quaint and pretty collection of historic alleyways.

Do the shops close on the weekend in Tel Aviv?

The weekend is Friday and Saturday in Tel Aviv; Saturday is Shabat Day, the Sabbath, and it’s a holy day. Expect shops, museums, galleries and markets to be shut. Bars and restaurants are closed during the main part of the Sabbath but open again late afternoon. Ask the hotel staff for more information.

Which is better, a boutique hotel in the center of Tel Aviv or a sea view hotel?

Because Tel Aviv is a compact city, a sea view hotel offers an oceanside location with spectacular views plus easy access to central Tel Aviv. The Savoy Sea Side is renowned amongst boutique hotels in Tel Aviv with sea views because it offers all the style and luxury of a city center hotel with the most breathtaking oceanside location.

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