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Enjoy a Treat Day at a Hotel in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Hotel Seaview

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The Savoy Seaside is the perfect hotel in Tel Aviv for business and leisure travelers. Alongside a stunning oceanside location, guests can enjoy a stylish fusion of elegant, chic interiors complemented by a tranquil and intimate ambience, all within a short stroll of the heart of this vibrant city. Kick back with a book and a drink on the terrace or enjoy a meal and chill out on the rooftop, a place to socialize, unwind, or just catch a tan. Pamper body and soul in the luxury spa. Within easy reach of all the beaches and the city’s main attractions, the Savoy Sea Side is the ultimate boutique hotel on the beach in Tel Aviv. 

Israel’s second city has all the culture and vibe of a Western European destination but in a compact and accessible form, with everything within easy reach, including ten miles of glorious golden sands beside the Mediterranean. Offering a cocktail of beautiful coastline, culture and diversity, Tel Aviv has a well-deserved reputation for luxurious living and various city and oceanside boutique hotels.

A Tel Aviv spa hotel is the epitome of the luxury lifestyle, with world-class cuisine, indulgent treatments and pamper sessions, plus easy access to the ocean and the exciting buzz of this vibrant city.

Wherever you’re staying in the city, a treat day at a Tel Aviv hotel like the Savoy Sea Side is the perfect complement to your Tel Aviv vacation.

What does a Treat Day at a Tel Aviv Hotel include?

Inspired by the warm waters and golden sands of the Mediterranean, savor the vibe of this exotic city with a treat day at a Tel Aviv hotel. Enjoy a range of classic massage and spa treatments plus unique Eastern experiences to cleanse and restore body and soul.

  •   Relax and unwind in a serene and tranquil environment
  •   Choose from a menu of classic massages and treatments, including scrubs, peels and aromatherapy, facials, hot stone massages, Shiatsu and Reiki
  •   Indulge in traditional Eastern experiences
  •   Pick treatments designed specifically for men and women
  •   Enjoy a sauna, steam room, Turkish bath or hot tub
  •   Customize your treat day to suit your specific needs
  •   Relax in a complementary robe and slippers with a range of beverages
  •   De-stress and unwind in dedicated relaxation areas adjacent to tranquil treatment rooms
  •   Choose a Tel Aviv spa hotel with a pool and fitness center and work out before you chill out

Tips for Planning the Perfect Treat Day at a Tel Aviv Hotel

Finding the right Tel Aviv spa hotel is essential to planning a relaxing and rejuvenating pamper session. Here are some key takeaways when planning your Tel Aviv hotel spa day.

  •   Some hotels have a specialist appointment maker who can advise on the different treatments and help you plan the perfect package
  •   Many hotels in Tel Aviv with a spa have other facilities like pools, fitness centers or just relaxation areas overlooking the city or the ocean. Check whether the price of your treatments also includes free admission to the spa and all its facilities
  •   If your treat day at a Tel Aviv hotel is not at your hotel, establish whether you can enjoy access to other guest areas like a rooftop terrace or pool. Sometimes Tel Aviv spa hotels restrict access to guests only
  •   Most spas don’t allow mobile devices to promote peace and tranquility
  •   Specialist treatments usually require the availability of expert therapists, so check this with your appointment maker
  •   Most hotels operate cancellation charges which increase the closer you are to the appointments
  •   Discuss any health conditions you have with the appointment maker and individual therapists. You will probably be required to complete and sign a health declaration
  •   Most spa treatments are offered within regular daytime and early evening hours. However, facilities like a swimming pool or fitness center may be available 24/7

Pick the best hotel in Tel Aviv for a treat day, the Savoy Sea Side, with a glorious setting on the shores of the Mediterranean, the perfect destination for spa treatments and an excellent location for exploring the city. Call today to make your booking and add wellness and rejuvenation to your holiday wish list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best hotel in Tel Aviv for a spa day?

When it comes to spa sessions, each hotel in Tel Aviv offers something unique, so it’s a question of finding the right treatments in a location and atmosphere that you like. Some hotels are more city-focused, whereas others, like the Savoy, highlight the benefits of their beachside location.

Do spa treatments need to be booked in advance?

Spa treatments are trendy in Tel Aviv, so all appointments must be made in advance, and you’ll need to plan well ahead with popular spas as they are incredibly busy. Bear in mind that if you want to make any last-minute changes to your Tel Aviv hotel spa day, this could be difficult and late cancellations will incur a charge.

What is a Hammam Spa?

Some hotels in Tel Aviv have Hammam Spas, which are public steam rooms where people can relax and bathe, and they also offer massage and exfoliation. Hammam Spa is an ancient spa tradition in Arabia. There are usually a series of rooms with damp and dry heat, showers, salt and mud baths. Hammam spas can be enjoyed collectively or privately, depending on the hotel.

Do hotels in Tel Aviv offer a range of international spa treatments?

Some Tel Aviv spa hotels focus on specific treatments, like traditional Thai massage. Therapists perform Thai rituals before treatment and use sesame seed oil, herbs and Thai balms. However, Tel Aviv is an international destination, so it’s easy to find a Tel Aviv spa hotel which will offer the specific treatments you want.

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