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Best Gay Accommodation in Tel Aviv

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Plan one of the Best Gay Holidays in Europe- Tips on How to find A Gay Accommodation in Tel Aviv 

The Savoy Seaside Hotel offers chic, luxurious accommodation with no detail overlooked. A smaller oceanside hotel with spectacular views of Tel Aviv’s stunning beaches, enjoy elegant interiors and warm personal service to create a truly memorable holiday tailored perfectly to your requirements. The Savoy is more than just a base, it’s a whole experience all its own with a beachside location that just cannot be bettered. 

Known as the ‘Manhattan of the Middle East’, Tel Aviv is a leader amongst gay holiday destinations in Europe. Home to one of the biggest Pride events in the world, there are gay friendly hotels and bars and a vibrant evening party scene. Tel Aviv is the Capital of Cool where 25% of the population are estimated to be LGBTQ.

Choosing Tel Aviv as a gay holiday destination isn’t a compromise. This stunning oceanside city sits right on the Mediterranean with spectacular beaches, high-end retail outlets, luxurious international dining and culture and history in abundance. 

Find out why Tel Aviv is the ultimate location for gay holidays in Europe and the number one destination for LGBTQ+ visitors. We’ll also spill the beans on how to find the best gay accommodation in Tel Aviv.


What makes Tel Aviv the Top Gay Holiday Destination

Tel Aviv has a well-documented reputation for luxury and style but its reputation for being the most open and tolerant location in Israel with gay accommodation and a thriving LGBTQ+ community is a little less well known. However, legal recognition plus a culture of openness and tolerance makes this historic port city with its stunning oceanside location the ultimate destination for the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Take your pick from a huge variety of gay friendly hotels and accommodation many of which are oceanside so you can enjoy the spectacular coastline. There is gay accommodation in Tel Aviv for everyone from five-star luxury gay friendly hotels to more budget-friendly options
  • With sixteen beaches, Tel Aviv has something for everyone including a dedicated gay beach, the Hilton with the main area just north of the Hilton Tel Aviv hotel. This beach has a lively fun atmosphere and is one of the cruisiest places in Tel Aviv. Hilton beach is very popular so get there early during Pride Week as it’s usually standing room only
  • Nightlife is something Tel Aviv knows how to do well and there are bars and clubs dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community with a thriving party scene
  • Tel Aviv Pride is one of the biggest in the world but there are plenty of other LGBTQ+ events in the city throughout the rest of the year


Tips for Creating the Perfect Gay Holiday in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has so much to offer and is one of the leading destinations for gay holidays in Europe. However, it’s important to prioritise exactly what is essential for your perfect gay holiday whether that is time spent on the beach, enjoying the evening party scene, sampling the international cuisine or a chance to imbibe all the culture and history that Tel Aviv has to offer. 

Perhaps, you want to do a bit of everything and that’s not impossible in this compact beachside city, the birthplace of style and luxury. Here’s a template for the perfect gay holiday in Tel Aviv.

  • Pick a gay friendly hotel – as you might expect in this open and welcoming city there are lots to choose from and they cater for all tastes and budgets. Tel Aviv is one of the best locations for gay accommodation in Israel
  • The party scene in Tel Aviv is legendary and there are numerous gay friendly bars and clubs, but one you shouldn’t miss is Shpagat Bar in downtime Tel Aviv. Some of Tel Aviv’s most famous nightspots also regularly host LGBTQ+ parties
  • Coincide your visit with Tel Aviv Pride, the only Pride event in the Middle East and this is held annually on the first weekend in June. Later on in the month is TLVFest, an annual international film festival that celebrates LGBT cinema from Israel
  • The Hilton Beach is the place to see and be seen, Tel Aviv’s unofficial gay beach
  • Tel Aviv is renowned for its five-star luxury cuisine with a range of international and Israeli menus available right across the city. Plan your dining in Tel Aviv’s gay friendly neighbourhoods or stay and dine at your gay friendly hotel
  • Who can’t resist a bit of high-end, luxury retail therapy and Tel Aviv won’t disappoint no matter what your tastes are

This city is an oasis of acceptance and open mindedness making Tel Aviv the perfect gay holiday choice within the Middle East. Choose from one of the many luxury gay friendly hotels as the perfect base for your holiday. If you are looking for the best gay friendly hotel in Tel Aviv, then look no further than the Savoy with its stunning beachside location. Call today for a reservation. We offer some of the best gay accommodation in Tel Aviv. Your holiday starts here!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a central point for the LGBTQ+ community in Tel Aviv?

In Gan Meir park, you will find the LGBTQ Center which is a busy hub and focal point for all the community’s activities and needs. There are conferences, lectures, workshops and cultural events plus activities like yoga, art and music. Check out what’s on offer to coincide with your holiday dates. The center also has a handy information point for visitors and tourists who are looking for accommodation and gay hotels in Tel Aviv and Israel.

Is Tel Aviv more open and tolerant than Jerusalem?

Tel Aviv is one of the best gay holiday destinations in Israel, if not the best. It is much more tolerant and openly welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community than Jerusalem which is traditionally known for its strong religious and conservative views. There is a small LGBTQ+ community in Jerusalem who are quietly working towards change and Jerusalem does have a Pride march. However, this is a much smaller scale and muted event, more akin to a demonstration for equal rights than the vibrant celebration that you see in Tel Aviv.

Are there any places in Tel Aviv where LGBTQ+ visitors are not welcome?

LGBTQ+ visitors are welcome in virtually all hotels, restaurants and bars in Tel Aviv because it is a very gay-friendly city. Rather perversely and because of this, there are fewer exclusive or specifically gay establishments. There are no areas in Tel Aviv where gay people are not welcome because everyone is welcome in this city. 

When is the best time to visit Hilton Beach?

Hilton Beach is the unofficial gay beach in Tel Aviv but it is not exclusively gay, there are straight people there too. The best time to visit if you want to socialise with the gay community is on Friday and Saturday but expect the beach to be very crowded.

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